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I'm Stella Botirova

My vision is to Awake  The traditional Massage Treatment specially the Thai Traditional Massage to the present and keep it for the future as a healing element for Human body and soul

SPA Manager

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My Story

After graduating with a bachelor of chemical from Tashkent, i try to visit the world to learn something which i love  While i was in  Thailand, i came across a Thai massage class and decided to sign up for the program. I embraced the way in which massage can help people gain a better quality of life.

While taking the classes, I reflected on my dancing days, saying  “fell in love with the movement” of Thai massage and the nurturing qualities of the art. From Thailand, I met doctors and other professionals in the industry. It was there that I decided to research massage therapy programs. 

5 years ago with my massage therapy degree from Thai Institute the career has catapulted to heights I never imagined.

The Massage Therapy program  provided me with an excellent education and challenged me at every level, . I love science, and the rigorous program empowered me to become more aware of anatomy and how the body works. I couldn’t wait to hit the ground running with my new life path as a massage therapist. There’s an overwhelming demand for massage and an increasing need for more massage therapists, . The job opportunities are everywhere.

I decided to travel to Dubai for giving all my knowledge to human there as its a city of different type and knowledge city from there After two years working as a professional therapist in Dubai  i start to think :

“The most difficult part of opening my spa was my lack of confidence and the financial insecurity. I was scared because I didn’t really know how to be an owner. It looked easy from the outside, but I soon realized I had a lot to learn.

Asking and found a good friends to learn from them it was my was to start my business in the most difficult time in the world covid19 that time i chose to start with my life partner,  Third eye motion spa i success to grow my business and survive in the hardest time for business and now I'm proud of that bur never stop learning every thing my best friend is the book right now  

For anyone who is considering a career in massage therapy, or for students already enrolled in a program, it’s important to keep your eye on long-term goals and to believe in yourself. I’m extremely grateful to my Institute for giving me a solid foundation and education . Getting an education is an investment in yourself and your future. It’s money well-spent.” i love my career and  helping my clients feel better is both rewarding and satisfying. It’s an amazing feeling knowing I’m the best part of my client’s day, every day. It doesn’t get any better than that.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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