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Third Eye Motion Spa - Home Massage Services in Dubai

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client smell the oil massage before start the home massage

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with our premium home massage services in Dubai. As the premier provider of in-home massage therapies, we bring the spa experience directly to your door.

Our signature home massage services:


Swedish massage

to soothe away tension


Aromatherapy massage with essential oils

for mood-lifting benefits


Couples massages

for quality bonding time


Deep tissue massage

for chronic pain relief


Hot stone massage

to melt away knots and kinks


Thai Traditional Massage

for quality bonding time

Book Your Home Massage Today

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Our licensed massage therapists are available 7 days a week to deliver a variety of relaxing and restorative home massage treatments tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need to reduce stress, ease muscle tension or simply unwind, allow our professionals to help you feel renewed through the healing power of touch in the comfort of your own home.

Browse our full menu of home massage options and packages on our website. Then easily schedule your preferred date, time and location. One of our experienced therapists will arrive promptly with all the necessary supplies to perform your luxurious in-home massage.

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Why Choose Our home massage service 

  • Professional and Certified Therapists: Our team consists of highly trained and certified massage therapists who have extensive experience in the field.

  • Convenience: Enjoy the luxury of a professional massage without leaving your home. We bring all the necessary equipment, including a comfortable massage table, fresh linens, and soothing oils.

  • Personalized Experience: We understand that every individual is unique, and we tailor each session to address your specific concerns and preferences.

  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Create a tranquil and peaceful environment in your own home, allowing you to fully unwind and experience the ultimate relaxation.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Simply choose a time that works best for you, and we'll be there.

How home Massage  Works

  1. Contact Us: Get in touch with us via phone or email to schedule your home massage session.

  2. Consultation: Our therapist will discuss your needs, preferences, and any specific areas of concern to ensure a personalized experience.

  3. Set Up: On the scheduled day, our therapist will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment and set up a comfortable space for your massage.

  4. Relax and Enjoy: Lay back, relax, and let our skilled therapist work their magic. Feel the stress melt away as you indulge in a rejuvenating massage.

  5. Post-Massage: After the session, take your time to rest and enjoy the benefits of the massage. Our therapist will clean up and leave your space as they found it.

Book an Appointment

Ready to experience the ultimate relaxation in the comfort of your own home? Book your home massage session today

whatsapp thai massage dubai online booking
Here are some key benefits of home massage services in Dubai:
  1. Stress Relief: One of the immediate benefits of a home massage is the reduction of stress.The soothing touch and techniques used by the massage therapist can help relax both the body and mind, promoting a sense of calm and tranquility.

  2. Improved Circulation: The movements and pressure applied during a massage session stimulate blood flow and enhance circulation . This increased circulation helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs, promoting overall health and well-being.

  3. Pain Reduction: Home massage services can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by muscle tension, stress, or injuries . The therapist's techniques, such as deep tissue massage, can target specific areas of pain and provide relief.

  4. Skin Health: Massage therapy can improve skin health by promoting the shedding of dead skin cells and stimulating the production of new, healthy skin cells . The use of oils or lotions during the massage can also hydrate the skin, leaving it nourished and glowing.

  5. Detoxification: The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in removing toxins from the body. Massage therapy can help facilitate the movement of lymphatic fluid, aiding in the detoxification process . This can leave you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

  6. Boosted Immune System: Massage therapy can enhance the function of the immune system by promoting the movement of white blood cells and other immune system warriors throughout the body . This can help improve overall immune function and reduce the risk of illness.

I recently had a home massage session with Third Eye Motion Spa in Dubai, and it was truly a rejuvenating experience. The therapist was highly skilled and used a combination of techniques to target my specific areas of tension. The convenience of having the massage in the comfort of my own home was a game-changer. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a professional and relaxing home massage.

Robb Walters

whatsapp thai massage dubai online booking
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